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This column is one of our most popular services, offering a combination of slimming treatment with machinery to help contour and tone the body and intensive body wraps. Dietary advice and weekly weight monitoring is also included in our slimming packages.


Universal Contour Wrap

This treatment is an excellent overall detox guaranteed and scientifically proven, it’s an excellent kick start to any slimming treatment. With this 2 hour all over body wrap treatment you should lose a minimum of 6 inches or you will not be charged. A course of three is recommended taken 10- 14 days apartand one can lose up to a total of 25 inches in three treatments. We highly recommend this treatment as a psychological boost, or if you are aiming to look your best for that special occasion.




Phytoceane Body Wraps

Our classical algae wraps help to minimize cellulite and drain the body cells of toxified fluid. These body wraps are rich in spirulina algae and ivy to provide maximum benefit and a contoured result.


Phyto body wrapPhyto body wrap


Pharadic Treatments

Our innovative faradic machine with 28 different programmes works on the major muscles of the body to help firm, tone and contour. This is an excellent invouluntary exercise treatment.





This is a gyrator treatment, excellent to banish cellulite from the thighs and buttocks. We always recommend a treatment course and more effective when combined with detoxifying body wraps.




Anti-Cellulite Massage

A very result driven treatment against cellulite. A lot of care is taken while performing an anti-cellulite massage. We aim to activate the lymphatic system and increase circulation to help with the appearance of cellulite, therefore it is extremely important that we always work towards the heart. The therapist warms up the tissues by kneading the skin, picking up as much of the skin as possible, pinching and rubbing as you would knead bread dough. During this treatment which can cause some discomfort on problematic areas we always ensure that the pressure is fine and that that the client is relaxed and comfortable.