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Our educator will take you through the principle techniques of nail enhancements, using a combination of demonstrations and practical time. Over the duration of this course you will also cover health and safety, consultation techniques, contraindications, nail anatomy, tip application, product knowledge, application, infill and removals. At the end of the course, an assessment will be carried out to ensure the standards are met for you to be proficient in your new career as a fully qualified nail technician.
Basic Gel or Acrylic – € 450 each:1day per week (4hr lesson) for 8 weeks (Wednesdays/Thursdays at 5pm)
Dual Acrylic and Gel Course – € 820 :Almost 4 months
Courses Contents:
· Health & Safety
· Nail Anatomy
· Nail Diseases & Disorder
· Filing & Finishing Techniques
· Tip Application & Tip Blending
· Powder to Liquid Ratio – For Acrylic Only
· Product Application Gel/Acrylic
· Maintenance Procedures
· Enhancements Removals
** Gel Polish Course Free with every nail enhancement course booked **
Gel Polish Workshop - € 15 exchanged in products once workshop is completed:1 day (2hrs lesson)
Anyone who wishes to apply must be certified in Manicure, Pedicure or Enhancements.
If you would prefer to start working with LED lamp and products we can provide the specialized kit if specified when booking for the Basic Gel Course or the Dual Acrylic and Gel Course. This will come at an additional cost.
Superior Gel and Acrylic Course - € 140*:2 days (3hrs each lesson)
(As Add-On for anyone who is already certified and wishes to improve their skills)
· Sculpting with Forms
· Perfecting Smile Lines and Shaping
· Camouflage Technique
· Repairs and Rebuilding the Natural Nail with the help of Gel and/or Acrylic
*Half Price if you book with Basic Gel or Acrylic Course or Dual Acrylic and Gel Course.
Advanced VTCT / ITEC with Dual Course included – €1500(Examination Fees Not Included)
Advanced VTCT / ITEC(As stand-alone course: Only if student is qualified with the basics before applying) - €950