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Course starts and finishes: contact us for the details
Diploma: ITEC Level 3 Diploma in Epilation (International)

*Requirements: Candidates must hold the ITEC Level 2 Diploma for Beauty Specialists or equivalent

About Epilation
Epilation is used in beauty salons in order to remove superfluous or unwanted hair by passing an electric current through the hair root.

About Our Epilation Course
Our Epilation course covers the knowledge about two most needed forms of epilation – the Blend Method and the Short Wave Diathermy Metod. The Blend method of electrolysis uses both a high frequency and direct current. This method is often reported to be the most comfortable and the most effective. Short Wave Diathermy is a method of electrolysis using a high frequency current. The benefits of this method are: quickness and suitable for almost all skin types. During the course you will also learn about the professional conduct and business awareness.

Opportunities After Taking Epilation Course
You will be able to provide treatments for permanent hair removal of unwanted hair.


Short Wave Diathermy and the Blend:
Structure, types, functions and disorders of the skin
Factors which affect hair growth and hair growth cycle
The main endocrine glands, hormones secreted and effects of hyper/hypo secretion of those hormones
The menstrual cycle
The effect of stress on the endocrine system
Preparation and consultation
Hygiene before, during and after treatment
Aftercare advice and products, relevant to the area treated
A normal reaction to epilation, on all areas of the body and how to deal with them and an abnormal
reaction to epilation
Points of professionalism related to Beauty/Complementary or Sports Therapy; professional appearance of the specialist
Professional working relationship with other specialists
Building up a rapport
The impact of advertising; acceptance of the legal implications of the relevant law
First Aid box
Safety equipment

“Code of Ethics”
Accounting systems required when running a business, including income and expenditure
The basic principles of selling