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Diploma: ITEC Level 2 Diploma in Beauty Specialist (International)

About Beauty Therapy
Beauty therapy is the art and science of making people look and feel better. It involves a range of actions to give pleasure to the mind and the senses as well as giving the individual a sense of total relaxation. Beauty therapy takes many forms and some of them include manicure, pedicure, manual facial, microdermabrasion, hair removal, makeup application and body massage.
Beauty specialist uses a variety of face and body treatments and techniques to make their clients feel good and look their best.

About Our Beauty Specialist Course
Our Beauty Specialist course covers the knowledge needed for being a professional and effective beauty specialist. You will learn about anatomy and physiology, skincare and eye treatments, make-up and waxing, manicure and pedicure, professional conduct and business awareness. After concluding the course you will be able to advise clients about skin and body care.

Opportunities After Taking Beauty Specialist Course
Beauty specialist nowadays is in a very high demand with plenty of opportunities to continue professional development and build a career in beauty services. Beauty Specialist Diploma is a good start if you wish to continue your training and education to become a fully qualified beauty therapist or even open your own beauty salon.


1. Skincare and eye treatments – 100 hours

Superficial Cleanse
Pre-heat treatments and Deep Cleansing
Skin Analysis
Enhance the Appearance of Eyebrows and Lashes
Facial hair bleaching and Eyebrow tweezing
Facial Massage and Masks
Anatomy and physiology
Skin disease and disorders
Cosmetic science

2. Make –up – 50 hours
Skin type/characteristics and Skin condition/texture
Skin preparation
Contraindications to make-up
Make-up selection according to the occasion, client coloring, age and preferences
Skin tones and Face shapes
Eye, nose and lip shapes and using appropriate correction
Colour corrective creams and Concealing flows on the skin
Contouring, highlighting and Airbrushing
Correct use of cosmetics

Possible reactions to make-up (contra-actions)
Cosmetic science

3. Manicure & Pedicure – 50 hours
Nail diseases and disorders
Sanitization client’s hands and usage of products and tools
Usage of specialized nail treatments
Filing the nails correctly according to the nail shape
Cuticle cream or oil; cuticle remover, hoof stick, tipped orange wood stick, cuticle knife and nippers
Massage of the hand and lower arm/foot and lower leg
Buffing the nails and applying the base coats
Correct hygiene throughout the treatments
Nail technology systems
Anatomy and physiology

4.Waxing – 50 hours
Preparation of the working area
Work with products and equipment
Specific hygiene and precautions for waxing
Ingrowing hairs and treatment
Application of cool and hot wax
Temporary forms of depilation
Anatomy and physiology

5.Professional Conduct and Business awareness – 50 hours
Points of professionalism related to Beauty/Complementary or Sports Therapy; professional appearance of the specialist
Professional working relationship with other specialists
Building up a rapport
The impact of advertising; acceptance of the legal implications of the relevant law
First Aid box
Safety equipment
“Code of Ethics”
Accounting systems required when running a business, including income and expenditure
The basic principles of selling

6.Experience in managing a beauty salon:
Salon practice in professional salons will be given during the course.